Front Cover book image of Pissarro's Places by author, Ann Saul, about French artist, Camille Pissarro

PISSARRO’S PLACES tells his story in a fresh and different way—exploring the places he painted and his “sensations” as he translated them into brushstrokes on his canvas. In his landscapes, you almost feel the sun and the wind in the trees. In his city paintings, you sense the hustle and bustle of traffic. This was his genius. Rather than settling for the familiar, Pissarro courageously put himself into new situations in pursuit of different and exciting motifs. With PISSARRO’S PLACES, you see those places through his eyes. All the paintings featured in the book are located in public museums and are accessible to the public.


Ann Saul has traveled to all the places Pissarro painted (except Venezuela) during her 20 years of research for this book. A professional writer, Ann was formerly a Guide at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, a Docent at Terra Foundation Museum of American Art (Chicago, no longer open), and a Volunteer at the Art Institute of Chicago. She writes a blog about Pissarro at



* Foreword by Joachim Pissarro, great grandson of Camille Pissarro

* 35 color reproduction of Pissarro’s paintings

* Pissarro family photographs

* 46 color photographs of Pissarro’s sites today

* 29 historic French postcards

French Postcard from book, Pissarro's Places by author, Ann Saul, about French artist, Camille Pissarro

Route de Versailles, Louveciennes, 1870, Clark Art Institute, Williamstown, MA, PDRS 151

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