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Author, Ann Saul. American Library in Paris – April 24, 2019. Lectures on Camille Pissarro.
Front Cover book image of Abstract Pissarro by author, Ann Saul, about French artist, Camille Pissarro
Front Cover book image of Pissarro's Places by author, Ann Saul, about French artist, Camille Pissarro

Ann Saul, Author of Abstract Pissarro

and Pissarro's Places

Why write about Pissarro?

Three decades is a long time to focus on one artist, but the work of Camille Pissarro is just that compelling. It defies easy definition. Called an Impressionist, he created works that are radical with elements that today seem abstract. Before Neo-Impressionism was invented, he painted in that manner. When it blocked his spontaneity, he invented a new style with color, line, brushstrokes—materiality on canvas.


Pissarro’s work demands close attention and scrutiny. He understood this and said, “Whoever is in a hurry will not stop for me.” I have made it my business to stop…and linger…and study…and learn from Pissarro.

Camille Pissarro, French Impressionist Artist.  Self portrait.

Camille Pissarro

L'Hermitage à Pontoise, 1867,

Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, Fondation Corboud, Cologne, Germany PDRS 119

L'Hermitage à Pontoise, 1867,  Wallraf-Richartz-Museum,   Fondation Corboud, Cologne, Germany  [PDRS 119]
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